Thanksgiving 2014

by david on November 27, 2014

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Real Texas Thanksgiving 2014

I always put the date on Thanksgiving posts because I usually include a poem I wrote a few years ago.  Yes, I write poems.  I am also writing lyrics to a song-country of  course- and a book is in the works.

Poems present a special challenge because of my past activities.

You see, a lot of my past activities caused my brain cells to wither and die.  This was especially evident when I was in school and the English lessons on iambic pentameter, rhyming couplets, Haiku, quatrains, and all other elements of style of the poem were covered.

Seems like my poetry just comes out (strange enough) like I talk…tawk.  As I explained to a friend of mine the other day, I tawk like a West Texan.  My accent is unmistakeable even to a New York cab driver named Abdul who instantly guessed where I was from….”Tetsis”, was his correct guess.

Here is my annual Thanksgiving poem.  When I finish my other projects, I’ll let you know….

Just know for now that I am grateful for my friends, family, and the health and prosperity of all.  Even my doggies…don’t forget yours in your prayers of gratitude on this Thanksgiving Day.


So, lets put on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, get ready to fry that turkey out in the yard, and watch plenty of football.  Maybe some year I’ll tell everyone about the first time I ever saw the parade on a color TV.  Very exciting stuff at the time…..

A Real Texas Thanksgiving

A Texas Thanksgiving means a lot to us all

The muchachos and ninos all speak with a drawl.

There’s a mixture of Tex-Mex in all that we say

And at this time of year we might holler ole.


In Real Texas we’re special each and every one

In the way that we act when the work day is done.

When we leave we say “bye” or some “Adios”

You can bet on a real friendly greeting from us.


As the Holiday time gets some closer each day

We start thinking of turkey and that special day

And the food Mammacita is going to fix

We’ll clean off our plates out here in the sticks.


Guajalote’s all gone, that’s the turkey to you

We ate that darn bird ‘till we just couldn’t chew.


Our language is mixed, we just know what to say

We just talk and the words come out all sorts of ways.

Thanksgiving’s most gone and Christmas is near

And the cowboys have gathered in all of their gear

For a few days of rest and a lot of good cheer


We’re all grateful for family and those we hold dear.

It’s Thanksgiving time; Our best wishes to you.

Out here in the West those are some of the few

Of the words that we know we can say at this time


As those holiday bells are beginning to chime.

Thanksgiving is special anywhere that you are

But Thanksgiving out here is the best sort by far.


Out here in Real Texas, with our neighbors and friends

We celebrate the season, best wishes we send.

The future is bright here at this time of year

Yep, it’s family and friends we all hold so dear.


Good wishes we send are not always from stores

It’s what we do for each other that means so much more.


So Happy Thanksgiving to you one and you’all

In a Real Texas accent and Real Texas drawl.

We are really grateful we sincerely say

With a tip of our hat in a Real Texas way.


David Werst – 2008


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