Juiciest Burger Ever

September 9, 2014

No more Hamburger Joints for us! David said I have ruined going to hamburger joints after eating this juicy burger. Do you ever just want a juicy – but not greasy hamburger?  Fast food hamburgers are like eating cardboard or many of the restaurant hamburgers are too greasy and don’t have flavor. There is nothing […]

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Why I pack Heat

August 22, 2014

A Texas Gun-owner explains Some of you long time Real Texas Blog readers may remember the poems of M.T. Whallette.  Yes, that is his pen name he acquired after he retired.  He had an ‘empty wallet.’ I’ve known this gentleman all my life and he is friends with many other of my friends from out […]

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Real Texas Politics: Gov. Perry’s indictment

August 19, 2014

Horse-shit Vs. Bullshit Yes, there is a difference. The indictment issued by a Travis County (Austin) Grand Jury is what many country-raised Texans such as myself will call horse-shit.  It stinks.  The indictment is absent of any redeeming value.  It’s just a steaming pile of….well, you know…. Nicer folks with a more refined vocabulary will […]

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Guess What Time It Is? It’s Hatch Chile Pepper Time!

August 12, 2014

It’s Hatch Chile Pepper Season! Even though Hatch Chile’s come from Hatch, New Mexico, isn’t that just far west Texas? Even if the Hatch Chile Pepper isn’t from Texas, in Texas we know how to roast them.  Central Market, which is a Texas supermarket chain owned by H.E.B., has a whole festival dedicated to Hatch […]

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Real Texas Apples

August 6, 2014

Yes, Texas grows Apples! I’ll bet you thought apples only grew in the northern states, like Washington.  The fact is……there are Apple Orchards right here in Texas!  And you can even grow your own apples in your backyard. Since we moved just outside of San Antonio, we have found all kinds of wonderful and interesting […]

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Real Texas Walkers

July 19, 2014

Walking is really living In the little rural neighborhood I live in now in the San Antonio area, it is easy to enjoy walking as a regular personal fitness program.  The paved roads in the gated sub-division go uphill and downhill meandering through the area among the hills of the beautiful Texas Hill Country. It’s […]

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Vogel Orchard Peaches

June 25, 2014

Real Texas Peaches Fredericksburg Peach Season is underway… By Ramona & David Some folks may think of Georgia when you say Peach.  In Texas we say Fredericksburg! The Vogel family roots run deep in Fredericksburg and Stonewall, Texas’ premier peach growing region.  Jamey Vogel heads up this family operation located closer to Stonewall than Fredericksburg, […]

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Go to Groomer’s for the Freshest Seafood

March 27, 2014

It’s “Ramona” recommended! By Ramona Werst If you want the freshest best quality seafood in South Texas, go visit Groomer’s Seafood here in San Antonio. How many people do you know who after a life threatening surgery talks to their surgeon about cooking? I have been followed up by my surgeon for the past two […]

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The Harness Maker’s Dream

March 27, 2014

A Texas Sized Story My most recent good read is The Harness Maker’s Dream by Pulitzer winner and San Antonio born Nick Kotz. The Harness Maker’s Dream is available in bookstores and I’m sure on Amazon in both print and Kindle format.  I saw it on the shelf of a bookstore named The Twig in the Pearl Brewery […]

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Austin hosts Formula 1 races

March 11, 2014

Formula 1 Grand Prix in Texas SWSW is all the rage in Austin right now, but at other times of the year, Austin natives, visitors,  and interested Texans from all over enjoy 3 days of F1 racing. I didn’t know much about it either, but I do have plenty of friends who enjoy NASCAR races […]

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