Real Texas Politics: Gov. Perry’s indictment

by david on August 19, 2014

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Horse-shit Vs. Bullshit

Yes, there is a difference.

The indictment issued by a Travis County (Austin) Grand Jury is what many country-raised Texans such as myself will call horse-shit.  It stinks.  The indictment is absent of any redeeming value.  It’s just a steaming pile of….well, you know….

Nicer folks with a more refined vocabulary will call the indictment by the heavily left leaning Austin Grand Jury such words as ridiculous,  absurd, preposterous, laughable, outrageous, senseless, or ludicrous.  If I were one of the more refined, I might characterize the indictment as laughable.  The fact is, most of the time, I enjoy political hi-jinks offered in the right spirit of the game.

imagesBut folks raised in West Texas and in many other Real Texas areas of the state other than Austin will fall back on what they know and that is to just call the indictment what it is….pure horse-shit.

As a journalist of many years far removed from Austin, I have observed hundreds and probably thousands of transgressions by democrats and republicans over the years but this one by Austin left-leaning democrats takes the cake.  It seems Governor Perry publicly threatened a veto of the funding of part of a state agency – The state Public Integrity unit, if  the District Attorney heading up that particular Public Integrity Unit did not resign following her arrest and conviction of a  DUI charge.

After consulting with her cronies, she did not resign and as publicly promised, Governor Perry did veto $7.5 million dollars which gutted the budget of that unit that…..are you getting this…..just so you don’t miss it, is called the Public Integrity Unit.

Now most normal thinking people would reasonably deduce that a District Attorney who pleaded guilty to a drunk driving charge and compounded that by making an ass of herself on a ‘video gone wild‘, would resign.  At one point she had to be restrained in a chair and a spitting hood placed over her head during the booking process. Even hours after her arrest, her blood-alcohol content was found to be at nearly three times the blood-alcohol limit.  Yes, if you were a normal thinking person you would think she would resign….but that didn’t happen.

In the Real Texas where I am from, we don’t call what Gov. Perry did a threat, we call that a promise.

Even a good old boy in West Texas with a goat for a girlfriend could probably be shamed if he were the District Attorney in a similar situation.

Could such a thing happen anywhere but in Austin, Texas?

Aren’t there any Baptists in Austin to threaten DA Lehmberg with hell-fire and damnation….?

Snapshot-62713-144-PMThe sad fact is that Austin is so blue that an Austin Grand Jury would indict a plate of Franklin Barbecue if it were deemed a Republican dish.

Democrats control Travis County and the City of Austin, as thoroughly as the Republicans dominate statewide offices.  It must be a thorn in the side of Austin liberals that Perry, the longest serving governor in Texas history, operates out of their city.  Austin’s out-of-step liberalism is nothing new.  They are  a blue island in a sea of red as far as politics go.  And each new  generation indoctrinates the newer Austinites with liberalism coupled with the University of Texas along with taxpayer-fed state agencies and workers and……there you go. Long time Texans know this about Austin politics and just know them for their lopsided way of liberal thinking that a jailbird district attorney of a so-called Public Integrity unit has been wronged.  What public integrity?

Personally, I just wish a few of the liberals had ever created jobs, met a payroll with money out of their own pockets, and worried about how to pay others before they get paid.  It really irks me and other fiscal conservatives to have those who are living off the taxpayers try their best to give more of our money away without regard to the lowly taxpayer who provides their largess.

Instead of being rewarded for trying to remove a drunkard District Attorney as head of the Public Integrity unit we pay for with our tax dollars, but let her keep a job there, Governor Perry is charged with an abuse of power for the threat of the veto.  Yes….SMH. Shake. My. Head.

Insider’s story…

It didn’t have to happen that way.  According to insider reports, aides to Gov. Perry reached out to Lehmberg and her democratic advisors to alleviate the Democrat’s fears about her replacement by promising to let her select her top assistant, also a Democrat, to replace her – essentially giving liberals their desired replacement. All Perry wanted was for this unfit public official to step aside.

t1larg.perry2.cnnThe governor was doing his job in looking out for the people, but this particular Democrat only cares about Democrats, and drunk or sober, Lehmberg was one of them. 

The indictment is an embarrassment for Texas liberals and Democrats and it will not stand.  It will reinforce the assumption that the democratic party is totally morally bankrupt.

After it is thrown out, Dems will have an even blacker eye and pompous-ass politicians will gloat over the idiot Democrats and their evil ways.  I may even get a little pompous myself.

I have seen some amount of glee expressed in social media by Texas liberals and lefties over Gov. Perry’s indictment but this mirth is so very misguided and just isn’t even humorous.  I usually laugh when some pompous-ass politician calls an act by other politicians outrageous…..but this is no laughing matter.  It’s not even funny as so many political activities are.

But back to bullshit and horse-shit

I jut finished reading Jan Reid’s fantastic biography of Ann Richards, the last democratic governor of Texas.  The book is  titled “Let The People In” if you look for it.

Jan Reid is a former member of the inner-circle of Texas liberals that included Ann Richards, Ralph Yarborough, Jim Mattox, Molly Ivins (Bless her heart),  Garry Mauro, various Texas Monthly contributors and others..  Jan and I were visiting in San Antonio and I asked him what his favorite thing about Ann Richards was.  He mentioned a thing or two and I then told him what I admired most about Ann Richards.  It was her wit and her mouth.  You just didn’t really know what she might say, but I have to tell you it often profane and always entertaining.  Yes, I am a Texas Conservative who actually reads and attempts to be informed.  In that way I can be prepared to call horse-shit what it is, when I observe it.

UnknownShe was the last democrat governor elected in Texas and given the liberal point of view and the peculiar way liberals see the world, she is likely to be the last democrat elected in a very long time in Texas. Unfortunately for Austin, or maybe despite efforts in Austin…..Texas is not likely to turn blue for a while yet.

Just so you know the difference between bullshit and horseshit…..Ann Richards could bullshit with the best of the good-old-boys in the Texas legislature.  She was absolutely and gloriously full of it.  And she sounded just as country as I do in real life and it made her one-liners and off the cuff comments so much the better for it.

Ann Richards was a bullshitter deluxe….a raconteur extraordinaire in the best sense of telling a Real Texas story.  Her one-liners are classics.  I absolutely love a good bullshitter or story teller with all the embellishments added and she was good even after she quit drinking.

Horse-shit is entirely a different thing.  What has come out of the democratically controlled Travis County grand jury is pure old mean horse-shit.  Nothing nice about horse-shit at all.  Totally steamin’ stinks.  When Ann got mean and called Dubya a Shrub, a jerk and that Bush boy it just sounded like horse-shit.  She went on to lose the Governor’s race to Dubya that year….because of her horse-shit mean sounding statements about George W.

Of course in the good tradition of Claytie Williams, Governor Perry could probably have avoided the horse-shit actions of Travis County democrats by…….simply vetoing the appropriations and keeping his mouth shut about his intentions.

In the end, I totally support his actions and reasoning, although I really hate to be categorized as a normal thinking individual.

Can I get an ‘oops‘ from anybody on the actions of the…….Austin democrats?

I’m David out in Real Texas

Happy to point out scatological differences in Texan vocabularies

P.S.  Here’s the arrest video


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Law West of the GuadalupeNo Gravatar August 20, 2014 at 6:54 am

Welcome back to the soapbox David — and what a good blog on a really disgusting bunch of horseshit. I’ll give you a great big AMEN!


AJNo Gravatar August 20, 2014 at 7:57 am

Thank you David for saying exactly what it is. It goes to show that horseshit does trickle down.


Mike EnglemanNo Gravatar August 20, 2014 at 10:19 am

Atta way to go, my friend. In the best tradition of Texas journalism (long-gone, I might add) you call it like it is!


LuNo Gravatar August 22, 2014 at 4:43 pm

Right On, David ! ( directional pun intended)


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