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by david on January 19, 2010

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David here….Welcome to the free updates by Email page…

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There are benefits to reading Real Texas Blog

Let’s face it, Texans are a unique race of people who are really in love with their state and state of being.  The more Texan they can become, the better.  Now there are some Texans who are so full of Texas that other folks from those lesser states look at them a little strangely, but not other Texans.  To them, being too Texan is just about impossible.  By reading Real Texas, you can learn to be the best Texan you can be, whether your interest is in the great Texas outdoors, Texas History, Texas music, Cruising from Texas, The Texas Bucket List, Real Texas Recipes…..Well, you get the idea.

Real Texas Blog is all about:

  • How to Be Texan-Wherever You Are
  • Real Texas Recipes
  • Real Texas Tidbits-just snips of Texas history for you
  • How to cook a brisket
  • Dedicated You Tube channel with interviews
  • Texas music video Fridays

It’s all about The Great State.  We try to bring you entertaining news and informative articles (including recipes from Ramona) all with a Texas Twist.  There are music videos every Friday and a whole ton of subscribers who enjoy this ‘thang’ we call Texas.

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